Sweet Caroline Locket

Sweet Caroline Locket - Art Nouveau Style Vintage Jewelry


In the 60's, if you were going to San Francisco, you needed to wear some flowers in your hair much like the sweet faced maiden on this hard to find 1960s copper Art Nouveau style locket. Art Nouveau design worked perfectly with the flower child-hippie vibe of the 1960s; elements inspired by Mucha, Maxfield Parrish and other Nouveau artists had a resurgence during that decade with beautiful results. This one and a half inch round locket still retains the interior frame and plastic photo protector; it opens top down and snaps closed securely. The locket has an applied Patina and has been lightly waxed to protect the finish. Suspended from a 1920s ginger brass stamping, it attaches to a handmade rosary style chain comprised of ruby and turquoise colored Czech Glass beads alternated with vintage copper knots. The chain is about twenty two inches long and fastens with a handmade copper hook and loop that will oxidize over time. Colorful and striking, this locket makes a memorable gift for any flower child!

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