Art Nouveau Angel

Art Nouveau Jewelry - Assemblage Cuff


Artist Louis Welden Hawkins' iconic image from "Face in the Mirror" gazes hauntingly at you from a handmade glass cameo cabochon. Although Hawkins' work is frequently associated with Art Nouveau, he was actually part of the Symbolist art movement. Whatever style you call his work, it is certainly imaginative and beautiful! The cameo is set in a vintage rust colored sawtooth frame, backed by a vintage Swarovski turquoise crystal spoke and haloed with a fluted, Patina'd brass disk. Securely riveted to a hammered brass cuff colored with mawjanga's deep blue Bohemian Midnight Patina, the cabochon setting is bordered by a gentle pair of curved antique brass plated angel wings. Two Maltese style crosses dangle beneath the angelic face: one detailed cross plated in antique brass and the other a vintage Swarovski turquoise crystal cross. The cuff is a narrow three quarters of an inch high by about six inches wide. The entire focal measures one and three quarters inches; about two and a half inches including the crosses. The glass cameo by itself is 25mm or about an inch in diameter; it is water resistant but best keep dry.

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