Night of the Blue Moon

Night of the Blue Moon Ring - Vintage Jewelry


Specifically, a true blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. They occur rarely, hence the phrase "once in a blue moon." In 1934 Rodgers and Hart wrote their decade spanning hit, "Blue Moon."  According to those lyrics, the blue moon granted a wish to a lonely lover and then the moon promptly turned to gold. So you've got to think, "What is there not to like about a blue moon?" Magical, mystical and rare, I think it's time you have a blue moon that's all your own--like this one. The Czech Glass blue moon on this ring is, technically, emerald. But the amazing permanent coating on the top of the cabochon makes it the most gorgeous shade of azure blue. I helped it along a bit--because the blue moon did turn to gold—with some soft golden highlights. The serene little moon face snuggles securely into a vintage watch cog, then a lace edged setting. Backed by a corona of blackened brass, the setting is riveted to a filigree band of blackened brass. The size is adjustable and fits fingers from size six to eight. The ring focal measures just an inch high.  Comfortable to wear, it's nice to have this little face smiling at you all day. I make no promises about granting wishes, but really, you never know.