Night Passage

Night Passage Cuff - Assemblage Vintage Jewelry


Night Passage, a darker entry in my series of Time Flies cuffs, was inspired by the natural Patina on the rare vintage watch face. A new brass propeller stamping, Patina’d in mawjanga’s deep blue Bohemian Midnight, was secured in a crown setting and riveted to a brass disk sporting an Envious Green Patina. The entire assemblage was backed with a beautiful highly embossed and naturally rusty vintage metal piece that at one point in its history was intended to be a belt buckle. Brass bat wing stampings were carefully shaped to fit the antique brass plated cuff base, and then given a Bohemian Midnight Patina. An Envious Green brass filigree adds color between the wings and the base cuff. All metal pieces have been sealed and waxed to protect the Patina, and all metal pieces are riveted together for durability. The cuff measures about six inches in length and two and a quarter inches at its widest point. Just for fun, the propeller spins; not enough to get you airborne but enough to be interesting! If you’re looking for a unique cuff or if Steampunk is your style, Night Passage should be just the ticket!