The Lost Amulet of Princess Siri Racha Cha

The Lost Amulet of Princess Siri Racha Cha - Vintage Jewelry


In a land so far away no one could quite remember how to get there, even with help from Google maps, lived a princess with the fiery name of Siri Racha Cha. The princess loved only two things: the chili peppers she grew in her garden by the edge of the sea and the Amulet that she wore everyday. The one and a half inch long amulet was a vintage Thai clay pendant of a seated Buddha framed in metal and highlighted with gold leaf. It hung from triple solid bronze rings connected to a handmade chain of wire wrapped fluted bronze beads, Czech Glass beads, and rare vintage Japanese glass beads the exact color of ripening chili peppers. Most remarkably, the necklace closed with a one of a kind clasp of pure bronze ornamented with flowers and inset lapis lazuli cabochons, each measuring eight millimeters, that was fabricated by the notable Jill Eden of Eden Art Glass. Little did Princess Siri Racha Cha know but an evil old seagull coveted the necklace and would sit in her garden day after day plotting how to take the treasure for his own. One day, overcome by his lust for the necklace, he flew at the princess' face screaming, "Mine! Mine! Mine!" Gripping the necklace in his beak he ripped it from her throat. However, as he flew over the ocean he neglected to realize that not only was this a substantial piece but also he was seriously out of shape. Gasping for air his beak opened and the necklace plunged into the sparkling waters below. The seagull spent the rest of his days diving into the ocean seeking the necklace and getting his friends to do likewise but he never saw it again. The princess, overcome with sadness at the loss of her treasure, devoted her life to the cultivation of chili peppers, eventually developing the hot sauce for which she became famous, although her name had to be shortened to fit on the bottle. She reportedly died at the ripe old age of one hundred and nineteen, her longevity accredited to her exorbitant use of the hot sauce. As for the necklace, imagine my surprise when on a recent trip to the Gulf Coast I discovered it washed up on the shore while I was out for an early morning run. I knew what it was immediately, of course, and was pleased to find that the necklace had acquired a wonderful aqua Patina with a little help from the ocean and a lot of help from Jill Eden, who also made the brass beads and rings used in the necklace.

I am very pleased to offer the Lost Amulet of Princess Siri Racha Cha to you so that you might have the opportunity to acquire this little piece of mythical history for your very own!


  • Handmade item
  • Chain style: Bead
  • Materials: Vintage Thai clay amulet, hand made beads, hand made one of a kind clasp, oxidized wire, bronze beads with Patina, bronze rings with Patina, Czech Glass beads, 1950s Japanese glass beads, lapis cabochons
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