The Time Travel Ring

The Time Travel Ring - Vintage Jewelry


Looking as if it has flown through time, this unique Steampunk style ring might have been worn by a character in H.G. Wells 1895 novel, "The Time Machine." The base of the ring is truly vintage and wears a natural Patina earned over time. Vintage filigree is riveted to the base, then embellished with a pair of wings that have been carefully shaped to fit. A spectacular vintage watch movement in rose gold-tone sparkles with rubies and some special bronze crystals. The movement is secured in a watch cog backed by a detailed vintage filigree and riveted to the base. Brass components are sealed and waxed. This ring is a generous size eight, and although it's open in the back there is very little room for adjustment. However, the ring does look good on whatever finger you choose to wear it!