Time Flies, Part III

Time Flies, Part III Ring - Vintage Jewelry


Here’s the latest in my series of propeller and watch face embellished winged cuff bracelets! Part III features a magnificent old watch face that is still beautiful even though it’s suffered from the effects of time. Although the enamel has crumbled, the copper base underneath is still vibrant. I’ve coated the dial in resin to preserve its beauty. The dial is set in a curving, bowl-like vintage filigree, and backed by another ruffled filigree. One large Patina’d propeller embellishes the dial and the propeller does move! The assemblage is secured to a brass plated cuff that has been adorned with a pair of curved bat wings colored with mawjanga’s rusty Island Gypsy Patina. All metal parts have been sealed, waxed and riveted to the plated cuff.  The cuff base measures five and three-quarters long and varies in height from an inch at the back to two inches at the dial. There is some slight range of adjustment but the cuff fits best on small to medium wrists. Whether you’re attending a Steampunk event or just want to make a statement about the shortage of minutes in your day, this is the perfect cuff for you!