Wrapped Four Ways Against Evil

Wrapped Four Ways Against Evil - Vintage Necklace


Evil can come at you from all directions so it's best to be prepared! Consider this amulet, designed for protection, luck and good looks, too. A vintage Chinese lucky coin with copper undertones is wrapped with soft metallic bronze leather in four directions--north, south, east and west--to a vintage silver plated donut finding creating a protective medallion. A silky, shimmering hand carved Golden Tiger's Eye rabbit sits on top; Tiger's Eye is a stone of protection that enhances integrity, will power, self-confidence, good luck and brings prosperity, too, often in the form of money. Should you need to run from evil, the rabbit provides characteristics of awareness, perception, speed and luck. The medallion is tied to a vintage brass bar that has been oxidized and suspended with vintage glass beads from a hand made bronze arc, wire wrapped in copper; all metals oxidized. An oxidized bronze chain with a hand made hook and eye closure completes the necklace. Metal finishes have been lightly waxed to protect the Patina. The medallion measures two and a half inches from the top of the bar to the bottom of the silver finding; the bronze arc measures a bit over three inches wide and the chain is eighteen inches long. The mixed metals blend seamlessly creating a neutral necklace with warm undertones.

Need a protective amulet that looks stylish, too? This necklace could be the answer!