Demeter Darkwings

Vintage Bat Cuff - Brass Stamping and Jewels


Some may think that bats are best around Halloween, but those of us who are fascinated with bats and love them as a design element find them appropriate for wearing all year. This steampunk style assemblage bracelet features a vintage asymmetrical brass cuff that measures an inch and a half high at one end and three quarters of an inch high at the opposite end. The cuff is Patina'd in mawjanga's deep blue Bohemian Midnight Patina, then overlaid with a vintage filigree Patina'd in deep, golden brass. The curved dark brass bat stamping is backed by a silvery vintage watch dial halo; the bat's body is formed by the detailed innards of a vintage watch. Vintage glass jewels set in old watch gears glow softly on the cuff like light from a harvest moon. Metal parts are sealed and waxed; pieces are riveted together securely. The cuff measures about six inches wide. Sure to be a bat fan signature piece.

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