Krampus Cuff

Krampus Gargoyle Cuff - 1800s Vintage Brass


Yes, Virginia, there is a Krampus--that evil, beastial creature said to roam the streets of Germany, Bavaria, Croatia and Hungary just prior to Christmas. The darker side of jolly old St. Nick, Krampus terrifies naughty children and even is said to carry the worst off to his lair in a big sack. Once the holidays have passed, this cuff sends a gentle reminder to all--children and coworkers alike-- that no matter the season, Krampus is watching! Whether you call it Krampus or a horned gargoyle, the very rare antique ginger colored brass stamping that adorns this one of a kind handmade cuff started out in the 1800s as an escutcheon furniture plate. Backed by square blackened brass filigree it is securely riveted to an inch high by about six inches wide blackened brass cuff; with the stamping the bracelet measures two and a quarter inches high at its tallest. Two red, green, gold and cream unique vintage enamel and glass cabochons set in vintage copper are riveted alongside Krampus. With its very expressive face, this cuff is certain to attract attention no matter what season!