The Science Project
Insect earrings by mawjanga
Hand patina'd Insect Earrings
Raw brass shields, brass bug stampings, Earrings
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The Science Project

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I am not a science person. I endured whatever science courses I was forced to take in high school, especially biology, and I still don't know the difference between mitosis and meiosis. I can truthfully say that the lack of that knowledge has not caused me any suffering, other than some abysmal grades. But the worst of my biology experiences was a Saturday (yes, Saturday!) field trip to collect insects for a science project that involved euthanizing the poor bugs with moth balls and then securing them to styrofoam with straight pins. After failing miserably, I convinced my guidance counselor that because I was going to college as an art major I really didn't need to take another science class! For all who struggled with biology, or who just plain hated science projects, I present a much more acceptable alternative: The Science Project Earrings!

Formerly plain raw brass shields were treated to my special Island Gypsy patina process (ok, so I do use some chemistry!) that left them softly colored in gold, tan and aqua, then sealed and lightly waxed. Brass bug stampings, created from vintage molds, were given a different patina then also sealed and waxed. The bugs were backed with shiny brass disks, then secured to the shields with tiny brass jeweler's screws, which we can all agree are much more attractive than straight pins. I used 14k gold filled wire to create long and elegant hairpin style ear wires, and embellished them with tiny aqua Czech glass beads. The lightweight earrings are about two and three eighths inches long from the top of the wires to the bottom of the shields. A little bit Victorian and a little bit Egyptian, these earrings are much more attractive than any science project I've ever completed!

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