What Are the Odds of That?

What Are the Odds of That? Pin - Vintage Jewelry


Let me calculate those odds--perhaps in my Think-a-Tron--or maybe using this one-of-a-kind steampunk style assemblage pin, embellished with numbers, cogs, springs and a few Swarovski jewels to make it all sparkle. Looking like a Sci-Fi calculating gizmo, this pin sports a hand applied Patina in mawjanga's deep Bohemian Midnight on the 2 15/16 inch round brass stamping that forms the pin base. A few bronze highlights bring out the details on the stamping while additional brass lucky numbers circle the rim. A beautiful vintage watch backplate engraved, "Elgin Nat'l Watch Co. 1992412" (because you can never have enough numbers when you're determining your odds) is riveted to the stamping. Blue vintage watch dials with sparkly metal hour markers, a vintage watch cog still holding its tightly wound spring, plus some additional gears and two more ornamental watch parts embellished with prong set Swarovskis make the entire pin hum. All metal pieces are sealed and waxed; a vintage locking pin back is securely riveted onto a vintage filigree on the reverse of the pin. While this pin won't do your math homework, odds are you'll get a lot of compliments wearing it!